July 18, 2014

Daylily Season

Most of the daylilies in my garden are covered in blooms right now.  Above is 'Siloam Double Classic.'

Here is 'Sue Rothbauer,' which has excellent deep rose coloring.  All of the colors in these photos came out a little odd, since the sky around here is brown and hazy from wildfire smoke blowing over from the west side of the state.

'Frances Joiner' is a prolific bloomer in the front yard.

I have a good sunny spot for a pink daylily and am trying to decide between 'Woodside Romance,' above, and 'Jolyene Nichole' (which didn't have any blooms open today).  Both are currently in mostly shady spots and would be happier with more sun.  WR is a deeper pink but the blooms are smaller than JN.

'Lavender Stardust' has been a favorite for several years now.

'Big Smile' glows against a curtain of green, and its pink ruffles are lovely up close.

'Smoky Mountain Autumn' is the theme flower for our smoky sky today.

'Hush Little Baby' plants were divided into eight sections a year or two before, and it is taking a long time for each little plant to build up into a strong bloomer again.  They're growing in the hot west garden where they don't get as much water as they'd like, or else they'd be growing faster.

'Autumn Wood' is the last bloom for this post.  It's a lot of work to pull off the dead flowers from all the daylilies each day, but with the roses and many other plants taking a break from blooming right now, the daylilies are the stars of the show. 

July 8, 2014

July Vase of Roses, Hydrangea and Mint

This is a recent vase with the last of my roses before most of the shrubs take a break from blooming.

I included creamy 'Crocus Rose,' which blends nicely with many other roses.

There were just a couple of peachy-pink 'Abraham Darby' blooms left, so I tucked those in as well.

'Princess Alexandra of Kent' had a bunch of blooms that would have faded quickly in the heat if I left them outside, so into the vase they went.

It's always nice but doesn't always happen that a beautiful bouquet also smells lovely.  These roses have nice fragrances already, but a few springs of spearmint never hurt.

Smaller side blooms from 'Invincibelle Spirit' hydrangea were the perfect color to blend with these roses.

The end result was a tight bunch of yummy-smelling roses in a soft, warm color scheme.

June 24, 2014

English Roses Blooming in Yellow, Peach and White

Today I am posting photos of all my English roses in colors other than pink.  Above is 'Teasing Georgia' grown as a climber.  It has taken several years to grow this large, and I hope my other English rose climbers will eventually reach this size.

Above is a close view of 'Teasing Georgia', which is a lovely soft yellow. 

I have two 'Crown Princess Margareta' roses growing on trellises near 'Teasing Georgia' on the west side of our home.  Their growth has been very slow for several years, but last summer I hooked some drip lines right up to their bases and they have been growing better since then.  The sprinklers alone weren't providing enough water.  The photo above shows the flowers as a little paler than they really are.

'Lady of Shallot' is still tiny after being transplanted this spring, but the flowers are beautiful.  This rose is recommended as one of the easiest of the English roses to grow. 

Here is 'Lady Emma Hamilton', which is tied with 'Abraham Darby' for my favorite fragrant rose.  The out-of-focus flowers in the background show the rosy shades that remind me of a sunset.  Unfortunately, this rose doesn't last long in a vase, but a bouquet can perfume a whole room for a couple of days before they wilt.  I'm afraid this isn't the best photo - this rose really is gorgeous.

Speaking of 'Abraham Darby,' here he is during the first heavy flush of bloom.

And here is a close view of Abraham Darby's lush, huge, ruffled flowers.  This rose was completely covered in rust in California, but I haven't had a problem here in Spokane.  So it's not a good choice if you have rust problems in your area, but otherwise it is magnificent.

Despite growing in partial shade, 'Crocus Rose' is growing and blooming beautifully for me.  The cream flowers mix well with other roses in arrangements.

'Claire Austin' is still getting settled after transplanting during our big landscaping project next year.  David Austin gives this rose rave reviews, so I'm looking forward to seeing it mature.  The flowers are exquisite.

This final miniature English rose is 'Francine Austin,' which I am growing as a climber.  It's sweet myrrh-scented sprays are great to add to floral arrangements.  I didn't see it in the catalog this year, but 'Snow Goose' is similar.
I feel so grateful to David Austin and other plant breeders who bring so much beauty to our gardens!